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PrepTest 78, Passage 2, Question 12

The content delves into the analysis of sociohistorical criticism of art, particularly focusing on Taruskin's approach and the assumptions underlying it.
  • Taruskin and his followers analyze art as a reflection of the elite's ideology, focusing on art commissioned by the elite to advance their values.
  • The author of the passage raises objections to Taruskin's assumptions, notably that the elite had a consensus about their identity and that artists did not subvert the elite's ideas for their own purposes.
  • The correct answer to the primary function of the third paragraph is to identify assumptions relied upon by Taruskin's type of analysis.
  • The passage critiques the sociohistorical interpretation of art as being too simplistic in assuming a direct relationship between the elite's intentions and the art produced.
Understanding Sociohistorical Criticism
Taruskin's Analysis and Assumptions
Critique and Objections to Taruskin's Approach