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PrepTest 78, Game 2, Question 11

The content provides a strategic approach to solving a specific type of question on the GRE, focusing on determining which options cannot be assigned to a particular slot based on given rules.
  • The strategy involves reviewing prior work to eliminate options that could fit in the slot, potentially leaving a single correct answer.
  • If no prior work is available, the method requires testing each answer choice systematically to see which cannot fit, based on the rules provided.
  • Through detailed analysis, it is demonstrated that 'L' cannot be assigned to 1922, making it the correct answer.
  • The explanation includes a step-by-step walkthrough of why other options ('M', 'O', 'R', 'Y') could potentially fit in 1922, adhering to the rules.
  • A common misunderstanding regarding the rules is clarified, particularly the conditions under which 'O' and 'R' can be assigned.
Introduction to Strategy
Systematic Answer Choice Evaluation
Clarification of Misunderstood Rules
Conclusion and Correct Answer Identification