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PrepTest 78, Game 2, Question 8

The analysis of a specific GRE prep question demonstrates the strategic approach to solving a local question involving the assignment of variables R and Y to a project, highlighting the importance of understanding and applying rules correctly.
  • The question presents a scenario where R and Y must be assigned to a project, necessitating a redrawn diagram to accommodate this new information.
  • R's assignment to the project dictates its placement in 1922 to allow room for O immediately before it, demonstrating the application of sequencing rules.
  • The placement of Y in 1924 and the exclusion of M and either T or L based on the remaining available slots showcases the process of elimination and logical deduction.
  • The correct answer is identified as A, with an explanation that corrects a common misinterpretation of the rules regarding the relationship between R and T.
  • This solution process emphasizes the importance of not assuming relationships not directly stated by the rules, a critical skill for GRE logic games.
Understanding the Question
Redrawing the Diagram
Applying New Information
Identifying the Correct Answer