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PrepTest 78, Game 2, Question 6


This is the first question of PT 78 game number two. And it's asking what could be an accurate assignment of students, in order from earliest year to latest? On this kind of question, which is asking for an acceptable assignment or an acceptable orientation, the best strategy is to use our rules to eliminate. So let me go down the line here and go rule by rule.

The first rule says 1923 has to be L or T, that gets rid of answer choice A, cuz there you see R in 1923, not L or T. The second rule says if M is in, she can only go in one or two. That's gonna get rid of answer choice E, because there you see M in 1924. The third rule says that if T is assigned, you also have to see R. And so that's gonna get rid of answer choice B, because there you see T but you don't see an R with it.

And the final rule says if R is assigned, you have to see O immediately before the R. That's gonna get rid of answer choice D, because there, the R is in 1924, but the O is in 1922, not immediately before that R. And that leaves C as our correct answer.

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