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PrepTest 78, Game 2, Question 9

The analysis focuses on solving a global question from PT 78, Game number 2, determining which students can be assigned to the year 1921 based on specific rules and logical deductions.
  • The task involves identifying which of the six students could occupy slot number 1, considering constraints and prior inferences.
  • R cannot be in slot 1 due to the requirement that O must precede it immediately, eliminating R from consideration.
  • Through logical deduction and rule application, it's determined that L and T cannot occupy slot 1 because they would necessitate R's inclusion without room for the OR block.
  • M, O, and Y are identified as possible candidates for slot 1, as their placement does not violate any rules.
  • The conclusion is that three students can be assigned to 1921, corresponding to answer choice D.
Introduction to the Problem
Elimination of R and L
Identification of Possible Candidates
Conclusion and Answer