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PrepTest 78, Game 2, Question 10

The content provides a detailed strategy for solving a specific GRE logic game question, focusing on the implications of excluding a variable (Y) from a project assignment and how this affects the placement of other variables based on given rules.
  • Introduces a local question scenario where Y is not assigned to the project, prompting the need for a new diagram.
  • Discusses two approaches to solving the problem: direct answer visualization and inference making, recommending the latter for efficiency.
  • Highlights a key inference that if Y is out, then R must be in, leading to a specific arrangement of other variables (O, M, T, L) based on the rules.
  • Explains the process of elimination through the answer choices, demonstrating why each one does or does not work based on the rules and the initial condition of Y being out.
  • Concludes that the correct answer is E, where L is assigned to 1924, after systematically disproving the other options through logical deduction and rule application.
Introduction to the Local Question
Inference Making Strategy
Systematic Answer Elimination