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PrepTest 78, Game 1, Question 5

The analysis of PT 78 game number one, question five, demonstrates a strategic approach to solving a global question in the GRE exam, focusing on determining the complete selection for a project based on given conditions.
  • Global questions require identifying an answer that, if true, specifies the entire project team composition, including the project leader.
  • The correct answer triggers a chain of inferences based on the given rules, leading to a clear determination of each variable's placement.
  • Answer choice B is identified as correct because it uniquely leads to a scenario where all variables are determined, showcasing the importance of understanding and applying contrapositive rules.
  • Other answer choices (A, C, D, E) are systematically eliminated through logical reasoning, highlighting the necessity of a methodical approach to rule out incorrect options.
  • The explanation emphasizes the significance of inference chains in solving global questions and the role of contrapositive rules in deducing the correct answer.
Understanding Global Questions
Identifying the Correct Answer
Applying Logical Reasoning to Eliminate Options
Analyzing Answer Choice B