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PrepTest 78, Game 1, Setup

The content provides a comprehensive guide on how to approach a fixed grouping game in the GRE prep, focusing on dividing seven workers into two groups with specific rules governing their selection.
  • Introduction to a fixed grouping game with seven workers, dividing them into 'in' and 'out' groups based on selection for a project.
  • Explanation of the rule that exactly one of the 'in-group' members must be a project leader, with strategies on how to diagram this requirement.
  • Detailed breakdown of three key rules that dictate the conditions under which workers can be selected for the project, including conditional logic and contrapositives.
  • Identification of the 'floating variable', the worker not mentioned by any rule, and acknowledgment of the limited direct deductions available from the rules.
  • Emphasis on the necessity to be prepared to sketch out a diagram for each question due to the lack of direct connections between the rules.
Introduction to the Fixed Grouping Game
Project Leader Selection Rule
Conditional Logic and Rule Analysis
Floating Variable and Deductions