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PrepTest 78, Game 1, Question 2

The analysis of a specific GRE question demonstrates the application of logical reasoning and rule application to deduce the correct answer.
  • Introduction of a local question scenario where T is the project leader and W is a project member, necessitating a local diagram for visualization.
  • Application of rules to deduce that Q and R cannot be project members due to T's leadership role, and V is also excluded because W is a project member.
  • Clarification of a common misconception regarding rule number two, highlighting that T's inclusion does not necessitate S's inclusion, leaving S and X as potential project members.
  • Final deduction that the third project member must be either S or X, leading to the selection of answer choice D as correct.
Setting Up the Scenario
Applying the Rules
Navigating Common Misconceptions
Deducing the Correct Answer