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PrepTest 78, Game 1, Question 1


The first question of PT 78, Game number 1 says which one of the following is an acceptable selection for the project? And here we have an orientation question. The best way to solve an orientation question is just to use our rules to eliminate the answer choices that don't follow those rules. So I'm gonna start with rule one, eliminate everything that doesn't follow rule one.

Then do the same with rule 2, then do the same with rule 3. And if we did it correctly, we should be left with just one answer. So the first rule meant that if Q is selected, then Q is project leader, and if R is selected, then R is project leader. So that means I'm going to get rid of answer choice B because there you see Q is selected, but V is project leader, not Q.

None of the other answers actually violate this rule, though. So let me go ahead and move on to rule 2. If S is selected as a member, you have to see T selected as a member as well. And that is going to get rid of answer choice D, cuz there you see S selected, but you don't see T. The final rule, remember, was if W is selected, then neither R nor V can be selected.

So if I see W in this list, I can't see R and I can't see V. That's gonna get rid of answer choice A because there W is selected, but R is also part of the project. And that's also gonna get rid of answer choice E because there, W is selected, but you see V selected and you're not allowed to see W and V together. You're not allowed to see W and R together.

C is going to be our answer.

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