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PrepTest 78, Game 1, Question 4

The analysis of PT 78 Game 1, Question 4, reveals a strategic approach to solving a local question by incorporating new information and applying logical deductions based on the given rules.
  • A new piece of information specifies that T is not a project member, prompting the need for a new local diagram.
  • The exclusion of T, based on the rules, necessitates the exclusion of S as well, due to their interconnected conditions.
  • Exploration of possibilities based on the remaining rules helps identify that at least one of Q or R must be excluded.
  • Analyzing the implications of including or excluding W leads to the conclusion that X must always be included, making answer choice E correct.
  • Process of elimination further validates that X is the only option that must be included, as excluding it leads to a contradiction.
Introduction to Local Diagrams
Rule Application and Deductions
Strategic Exploration of Possibilities
Determining the Necessary Project Member