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PrepTest 73, Game 2, Question 12


We go to question 12, which is another local question, another opportunity to make a new sketch so we'll need some new slots. And we'll need to add the condition that this question gives us which is that wise speech is at 1 PM, now once again, we don't know which room that's gonna be in. Although we do know that if Y is at 1 PM, Z will be the other speech at 1, and that M and L will be bumped back to 2 and 3, just like in the last question, we're gonna have to write that information off to the side.

Y is definitely 1, M and L are going to be together in a room at 2 and 3, Z is going to be at 1 in whatever room Y isn't in, and X will be at 2 PM because it's the only space left. Just like the last question, we're not really gonna be able to tell what room they go into the if then rule could trigger or not, so I guess we've written two sets of spaces that we don't really get to use.

But that's okay, because we do have enough information to answer this question they're looking for something that could be true. So all we need to find is something that is possible four answer choices are impossible and the one we want as possible, and we can stop when we find it, answer choice A says the L is at one in the gold room. We know that L is it 3, so that can't be our answer, answer choice B says that L is at 2, which we also know can't be our answer cuz L says 3.

Answer choice C says that M is it 2 in the gold room, which, sure we know that M is at 2, we know he could be at 2 in either room so answer choice C is our answer. We could stop there and on the day of the test, definitely trust the work that you've done, select C and move on. But to find out why D and E are wrong, well, they're both about x being it hours that we know x isn't, answer choice D says that x is at 3 but no he's 2 answer choice E says that x is it 1 but no, he's 2.

So the only answer that could be true is answer choice C, and it is our answer.

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