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PrepTest 73, Game 2, Question 12

The content provides a detailed walkthrough on solving a local question in the GRE exam, focusing on scheduling speeches and determining their possible timings and locations.
  • Introduction to a new local question requiring a fresh sketch with specific conditions.
  • Y's speech is at 1 PM, necessitating adjustments for other speeches, with M and L moving to 2 and 3 PM, and Z also at 1 PM in a different room.
  • The process involves deducing possible scenarios based on the given conditions, with the aim to identify a scenario that could be true.
  • Analysis of answer choices to find the one possible option, with a detailed explanation on why the other options are not feasible.
  • Emphasis on trusting one's work during the test and selecting the answer once the correct possibility is identified.
Setting Up the Question
Analyzing Conditions and Adjustments
Evaluating Answer Choices