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PrepTest 73, Game 2, Question 10

The content provides a detailed walkthrough of solving a local question on the GRE, focusing on logical reasoning and the process of elimination to identify the correct answer.
  • The question involves assigning slots to variables under specific conditions, starting with placing 'X' in the 3PM slot.
  • It is determined that 'M' and 'L' must fill the two remaining slots in one room, while 'Z' and 'Y' fill the other, without specifying the rooms.
  • The task is to identify what must be false among the given options, leading to the conclusion that 'L' and 'Y' cannot be in the same room.
  • Through process of elimination and logical deduction, answer choice 'A' is identified as the correct answer because it represents a scenario that cannot be true.
Setting Up the Problem
Logical Deduction and Process
Identifying the Correct Answer