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PrepTest 73, Game 2, Question 9


Now that we've done all the local questions time to do clean up, grab the global questions. Question #9, this is a global question it's asking us for a pair of speeches that can't be given at the same time. There are a couple of ways to go by doing this question but the easiest would be to check our master diagram.

For a pair of speeches that we know can't go at the same time. Just because of things we already know. There's only one speech that we know exactly what time it's at. That's Z. Our deduction earlier was that Z is going at 1 PM. And if you look a little bit lower, you can see that L is never allowed to go at 1 PM.

That was an effect of the first rule, M has to be in front of L, so L can't be at 1. So if there's an answer choice that has Z and L in it, we know from our master diagram they can't be together. And what you know, that is answer choice B. So that's all we need to do to get the answer of this question.

We gonna take our easy point and we going to move on

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