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PrepTest 73, Game 2, Question 8


Our first stop would be question 8, a solution question. With the solution question, they're just gonna give us a list of everything put into place. We have to find the one list that works according to the rules and the way that we do that is we pick a rule and we look for violations crossing out any answer choice that violates the rule and then whatever we're left with will be our answer.

So the first rule was that M has to be in front of L and in the same room as L. Which is going to eliminate answer choice D because L is in front of M, and it's going to eliminate answer choice E because M and L are in different rooms. The second rule said that Y and X are not allowed to be in front of Z, which is going to get rid of answer choice B because X is in front of Z. And the third rule was the conditional rule.

If L is in the Gold Room Z and X have to be in the Rose Room, and that's gonna eliminate answer choice C, L is in the Gold Room but X is also in the Gold Room. That means that our correct answer is going to be answer choice A.

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