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PrepTest 73, Game 2, Question 11


Question 11. Now this is a partial solution question. It's asking for a complete and accurate list of the people who could be in the Gold Room listed in the order in which they speak. We don't do partial solution questions early on, we wait til we understand the game, but they're vulnerable to the same strategies that solution questions are.

Occasionally though, they're gonna require some sort of deduction or something that we learned through the game. So that's why I put them off till later. But here we're just gonna begin the way we would with a solution question. Picking a rule looking for violations, eliminating against the violations. So our answer choices are those and we start out with the first rule which says that M has to be in front of L.

This is going to eliminate answer choice A because L is in front of M, and it's also going to eliminate answer choice B because that rule also said that M and L had to be in the same room and hear an answer to a choice B we have M without an L. Rule two says Y and X can't be in front of Z, which is going to eliminate answer choice D, because there's a Y in front of a Z. And then that leaves us with the third rule, the conditional rule, which is going to eliminate answer choice E, because, remember, these are lists of things in the gold room.

And if Z is in the gold room, the contrapositive says, the L has to be in the Rose room, but there he is in the Gold room with Z. That means the only answer choice left, answer C has to be our answer. And we can go ahead and put that sketch into our notes because we might need to use it when we get to the next question. So go ahead and write a sketch that includes the new information and go on to the next question.

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