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Main Point Questions

This lesson provides strategies for tackling main point questions in the Reading Comprehension (RC) section of standardized tests, with a focus on understanding the passage's main dispute and using effective elimination techniques.
  • Main point questions are direct but can vary in phrasing; understanding the main dispute is crucial.
  • Pre-phrasing an answer based on the main dispute and annotations helps in identifying the correct answer.
  • Using a process of elimination by comparing answer choices to the passage's main ideas and to each other is essential.
  • Eliminate obviously weaker answers first, keeping plausible or confusing options until the end.
  • The final choice should closely match the pre-phrased answer and address the passage's main dispute comprehensively.
Understanding Main Point Questions
The Importance of Pre-phrasing
Effective Process of Elimination
Strategies for Answer Selection

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Link to the passage and question discussed in the video

The passage in this lesson was taken from PrepTest June 2007, which became PrepTest 123 for the new LSAT starting in August 2024.  (For more details about how old PrepTests map to the new ones, see our Mapping Guide.)