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Intro to Reading Comprehension

The LSAT Reading Comprehension (RC) section presents a significant challenge due to its dense material and strict time constraints, but adopting strategic approaches in both preparation and test-taking can markedly improve performance.
  • The RC section includes 26 to 28 questions based on passages, demanding efficient time management within a 35-minute limit.
  • Effective study strategies emphasize understanding formal and informal logic before tackling RC passages and advocate for slow, strategic reading to build speed over time.
  • Test day strategies recommend prioritizing easier passages first, employing active reading to identify key disputes, and utilizing annotation for efficient reference.
  • An 'easy first' strategy coupled with strategic guessing for unanswered questions can optimize scores under time pressure.
  • The digital LSAT format offers tools like passage-only mode and question flagging to aid in managing the reading and answering process.
Understanding the LSAT RC Section
Effective Study Strategies for RC
Test Day Strategies for Maximizing RC Scores
Utilizing Digital LSAT Tools for RC Sections