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PrepTest 73, Game 4, Question 22


Question 22. This is a partial solution question in that all the answer choices are lists of flowers that could be in bouquet two. It's also an except question. So four of the answer choices work, one of the answer choices doesn't. Because we have several sketches from our local questions and the correct answer to the solution question and the original master diagram, we have a lot of raw material here.

So the best way to proceed is going to be to check the raw material we have to see if we've ever seen the answer choices. If we've seen them before, we know that they could be true and we can eliminate them. If we've never seen it before, that doesn't mean that it can't be true, just that we haven't seen it.

So we'll just have to shrug our shoulders and move on. So answer choice A. Now we've never seen L and R be the two flowers that bouquet two has in any of the sketches we've seen so far. So this would be a question mark. We don't know if this could be true or not, we've just never seen it.

Answer choice B, though, we have seen. In the sketch for question 20, it's possible for bouquet two to have P and T. And since it is possible, it's not our answer. Answer choice C, we can find over there in question 21. Answer choice C has P, R, and S and we could add an extra P to bouquet two in question 21.

Answer choice D has P, R, and T, which we've actually seen that was the correct answer to question 19. And then answer choice E, well, you should remember this one from two places. First, we can see that it's possible in question 21, it also was the correct answer to question 21. Question 21's correct answer, answer choice E was P, R, S, and T.

So we've seen B through E, which means that answer choice A is definitely the answer.

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