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PrepTest 73, Game 4, Question 19


Question 19 his is a solution question, all the answer choices take the form of lists of things that are possible. Our job is to take each rule, apply it one at a time, eliminate answer choices that violate the rules and then when we're down to one answer, we're done. The first rule was that if something is in bouquet 1, it can't be in bouquet 3 and answer choice B violates that because it has P and Es in both bouquets.

Now if we're looking at the next rule in our list of rules, if you have L you have to have R and you can't have S, that's gonna eliminate answer choice D because bouquet 3 has L but it also has S. The next world down the page T means P is violated by answer choice C because bouquet two has tulips but it doesn't have P and Es, and then remember bouquet three does have to have S, and answer choice E does not have that.

There's no S to be found, so E is not the answer, which means by default the answer is A.

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