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PrepTest 73, Game 4, Setup

The content provides a comprehensive guide to tackling a floating grouping game in the GRE exam, focusing on the strategic placement of flowers into bouquets with specific rules governing their arrangement.
  • Introduction to a floating grouping game involving three bouquets and five flowers with minimal initial constraints.
  • Explanation of the game's open-ended nature, highlighting the lack of restrictions on flower usage and distribution among bouquets.
  • Detailed breakdown of rules governing the placement of flowers, including exclusivity between bouquets and mandatory inclusions.
  • Strategies for interpreting and applying formal logic rules to the game's setup, emphasizing the importance of conditional relationships.
  • Advice on approaching the game's questions, suggesting an order based on question type and the utility of letting local conditions trigger rule application.
Game Setup
Understanding Game Flexibility
Rule Application and Logic
Strategic Approach to Questions