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PrepTest 73, Passage 4, Question 25


Question 25 is inquiring about the relationship between the passages, which would make it a comparative question. But it's also looking for a relationship amongst a new pair of documents that is most analogous to the original relationship, which also marks this as an analogy question. So each of the answer choices is going to take the form of two titles.

We're looking for two titles that suggest the same relationship that the original passages had. And by this point we've been asked about the relationship between the two passages many times, and we know the relationship is that the first passage is theoretical. It lays out a philosophical groundwork. That passage B's practical example fits.

So that's what we are looking for when we hit the answer choices. Answer choice A, Card Counting for Everyone versus The Evils of Gambling. But we know that passage B is not opposed to passage A. There's nothing evil about the INA. A's not our answer. Answer choice B, Mayor McConnell is unfit to serve, Mayor McConnell should be reelected.

This is a pro and con, one passage for, one passage against, but we know that our passages are in agreement. So B can't work. Answer choice C, Pruning Fruit Trees, A Guide for the Novice. Easy Recipes for Beginning Cooks. Both answer choices are about beginners and then they have dramatically different subject areas, trees versus cooking.

Well, our passages were theoretical practical, so C isn't the answer. Answer choice D, Notable Failures of the STORM Weather Forecasting Model, Meteorologists' Best Tool Yet, The STORM Forecasting Model. Once again, a pro and con, or a con and then a pro, our passages are not in opposition. So it's not D, which means that it must be answer choice E.

Fundamentals of Building Construction and Repair, sounds theoretical. Engineering Report, The Repairs Needed by the Thales Building. Well, the Thales Building would be a specific case. So we have our principles and specific case. Answer choice E is exactly what we wanted.

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