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PrepTest 73, Passage 4, Question 24

The content provides an in-depth analysis of how to approach comparative questions on the GRE, specifically focusing on identifying the relationship between two passages or parts of passages.
  • Comparative questions require understanding the relationship between passages, often before looking at the question itself.
  • A unique aspect of some comparative questions is comparing the entirety of one passage with just a part of another.
  • The example provided illustrates how to dissect answer choices by comparing theoretical and practical aspects of passages.
  • The correct answer choice (D) is identified by matching the theory presented in one passage with the argument in another, supporting the importance of understanding the underlying relationship.
  • Incorrect answer choices are eliminated through careful analysis of the passages' content, intent, and the specific language used in the options.
Understanding Comparative Questions
Analyzing Answer Choices
Identifying the Correct Answer