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PrepTest 73, Passage 4, Question 23


Question 23 wants to know something that both passages explicitly mention, which is the very definition of a detail question. Detail questions always ask you to track down something in the passage that's directly stated. In a comparative passage, you often see detail questions that ask for something that's found in both passages, or something that's found in only one.

Here, it's something that's found in both. Unfortunately, the question stem here doesn't give us any idea of where the details are gonna be found. So we're just gonna have to get answer choice by answer choice and do some research. Answer choice A says transfer of property from one owner to another.

And this is actually directly in our notes right now. Passage A talks about transfers of property in the second paragraph, that's the second rule. And passage B talks about it in the first paragraph, when they define the INA. Its purpose was to manage the transfer of property between Native Americans and non-Native Americans.

So we lucked out, answer choice A is something that we can find in both. Just a courtesy glance to the other answers to see why they're wrong. Answer choice B says, a legal basis for recovery of property. That's definitely found in passage B, the INA that we were just talking about a second ago. But passage A doesn't have any specific legal bases.

Don't confuse a philosophical basis for a legal basis. There aren't any laws mentioned in paragraph A. And now answer C, entitlement to property in a wholly just world. That's definitely mentioned in passage A. Passage A has a whole paragraph about the ideal world. But passage B lives in the practical world, there's nothing ideal there.

Answer choice D, practicability of rectification of past injustice. This is mentioned in passage B at the end when it talks about the compromises that'll probably be needed. But it doesn't come up in A at all because A lives in the purely theoretical world. And then answer choice E, injustice committed as part of an invasion. There was an invasion in passage B, the Native Americans were invaded by the Europeans.

But passage A, which doesn't talk about anything from the real world, doesn't have any invasions either. So you can see why it is answer choice A.

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