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PrepTest 73, Passage 3, Question 19

The content focuses on dissecting a GRE question that requires identifying a claim attributed to Marcuse, emphasizing the importance of detail-oriented reading and understanding of the passage.
  • The question revolves around pinpointing a specific claim made by Marcuse, necessitating a close examination of the passage for explicit statements.
  • Synonyms and rephrasing are tactics used in the passage to obscure the direct claim, but the essence remains traceable to a particular paragraph.
  • The correct answer is found by revisiting the passage, specifically the first paragraph, which discusses Marcuse's views on modern society and advertising.
  • Incorrect answers are systematically eliminated by analyzing Marcuse's explicit statements and the passage's failure to address certain topics.
  • The exercise underscores the GRE's test-taking strategy of detail recognition and the elimination of distractors to identify the correct answer.
Understanding the Question
Identifying the Correct Answer
Eliminating Incorrect Answers