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PrepTest 73, Passage 3, Question 16

The content focuses on strategies for tackling main point questions in GRE reading passages, emphasizing the importance of understanding the passage's overall argument and how to discern the correct answer by evaluating the nuances in the answer choices.
  • Main point questions are a staple in GRE reading passages, requiring a summary of the passage's argument.
  • Identifying the main point is crucial before attempting the questions; it's often summarized as a broad statement covering the passage's content.
  • The correct answer choice may not directly name key figures or concepts but should encompass the passage's argument and why certain viewpoints are supported or refuted.
  • Answer choices can be misleading; half-right answers are common, necessitating careful analysis to avoid traps set by extreme language or misinterpretation of the passage's views.
  • The example provided illustrates the process of elimination and critical evaluation of answer choices, leading to the selection of the correct answer by closely aligning with the passage's argument.
Understanding Main Point Questions
Strategies for Identifying the Main Point
Analyzing and Selecting the Correct Answer