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June 2007, Passage 4, Question 27

The content focuses on dissecting a structure question from the GRE, specifically analyzing the relationship between the second and final paragraphs of a given passage, highlighting the method of using pollen grain analysis and its limitations.
  • The second paragraph introduces a new method involving pollen grain analysis.
  • The final paragraph discusses limitations of this method, particularly when the cultivated and wild plants are too similar.
  • Answer choice C correctly identifies that the final paragraph qualifies the claim made in the second paragraph, indicating a limitation rather than a supporting example or a problem that needs solving.
  • Other answer choices are dismissed for misinterpreting the relationship between the paragraphs, either by suggesting the final paragraph supports the method, presents a solvable problem, argues against the method, or offers new procedures.
Introduction to Structure Questions
Analyzing Paragraph Relationships
Identifying the Correct Answer
Eliminating Incorrect Answers