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June 2007, Passage 4, Question 25

The content provides a detailed explanation on how to approach detail questions on the GRE, specifically focusing on identifying what specific phrases or sets of words refer to within a passage.
  • Detail questions ask what a specific phrase or set of words refers to in the passage, often termed as vocabulary in context questions.
  • The strategy to answer these questions involves rereading the context around the references to understand the phrase's meaning.
  • An example provided illustrates the process of eliminating incorrect answer choices by closely examining the context of the term 'documentary record' within a passage.
  • The correct answer choice is identified by matching the phrase's reference in the passage to the options provided, emphasizing the importance of understanding the passage's content.
  • Incorrect answer choices are systematically ruled out by comparing them against the passage's information, demonstrating the critical analysis required for GRE questions.
Understanding Detail Questions
Strategy for Answering Vocabulary in Context Questions
Analyzing the 'Documentary Record' Example
Identifying the Correct Answer