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June 2007, Game 4, Question 23


Question 23, another local question, this time a local if paired with a partial list question. So it's similar to those questions that asked for one complete setup of the game. Here, it's not a complete setup of the game, just a part. And they don't even tell us which part we're looking at, it's just one of the center's.

So we're gonna build a sketch with the new if condition. And then we're going to look for any one of the three that matches up to these potential lists here. So the new condition here is if Center 1 is the only one that does wood. As we learned in the set up and in question 22, if Center 1 is gonna do something by itself, it'll have to be in a third space, that two doesn't share.

Now, according this to rule one, if you do wood, you have to do newsprint. So Center 1 will do newsprint and so will Center 2 because we only have shared spaces left. We don't have room for Center 1 to go solo anymore. We also know that Center 3 is gonna have to do plastic because the only spaces we have left and Center 1 and 2 are shared.

And since Center 3 is doing plastic, somebody has to do glass. That'll be Centers 1 and 2. And now if we look at it we've used in p, g and w but we have not used t. Everything has to get used, so Center 3 will do tin. Center 3 could do an extra newsprint if it wanted, but we don't know for sure that it does so don't write that in, just leave it at p and t and then go look at the answer choices.

So the question wants a complete list of things that one of the centers could recycle. Notice that all the answer choices are just two items long. So if a center is doing two things, it'll either be Center 2 doing n and g or Center 3 doing p and t. P and t is answer choice A.

So that's the one that we know could work. We're gonna pick that and move on.

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