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June 2007, Game 4, Question 22

The analysis of a GRE prep question reveals the logical approach to solving a 'must be true' problem, focusing on the distribution of materials across centers with specific constraints.
  • The problem presents a scenario where Center 3 is assigned to process glass, which imposes restrictions on what the other centers can process.
  • Center 2 cannot process plastic, leading to the deduction that Center 1 must handle plastic in its extra space.
  • The solution involves deducing that Centers 1 and 2 must both process newsprint (n), as excluding it would lead to an untenable situation, leaving wood (w) or tin (t) for Center 3.
  • The correct answer for what Center 2 must process is newsprint (B), as it is the only option that meets all the given constraints and logical deductions.
Understanding the Problem
Applying Constraints
Deductive Reasoning to Find the Solution