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June 2007, Game 4, Question 18


So, question 18. Question 18 is a global question that asks for a complete list of one possible outcome. Just one way that everything could work according to the rules. The best way to do these is to pick a rule and then look for answer choices that violate that rule.

So just start at the top with the first rule, which says that if you have a w, you have to have n. That's immediately gonna eliminate answer choice A because that has Center 3 doing w but not doing n. Rule 2, if it's in Center 2, it has to be in Center 1, is going to eliminate answer choice C.

The first half of rule 3 is going to eliminate answer choice E. There has to be only one plastic but in answer choice E, you have Centers 1 and 2 both doing plastic. Answer choice D is going to be eliminated by the second half of rule 3. That rule says that if you have p you can't have g. And in answer choice D, Center 1 is doing both p and g.

That leaves B as our answer, and then on to the next question.

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