June 2007, Game 4, Question 18

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So question 18. Question 18 is a solution question. Usually the first question in the game is, it's just asking for one complete setup of the game, one acceptable arrangement of items to the three centres. The best way to do these is to pick a rule and then look for answer choices that violate that rule.

So just start at the top of the first rule, which says that if you have a w you have to have n. That's immediately going to eliminate answer choice A, because that has center three doing w but not doing n. Rule two, if it's in center 2, it has to be in center 1 is going to eliminate answer choice C.

The first half of rule three is going to eliminate answer choice E. There has to be only one plastic, but in answer choice E you have centers one and two both doing plastic. Answer choice D is going to be eliminated by the second half of rule three. That rule says that, if you have P, you can't have G, and in answer choice D, center one is doing both P and G.

That leaves B as our answer, so I'll go ahead and write that into our notes, the sketch for answer choice B, and then on to the next question.

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