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June 2007, Game 4, Question 18

The strategy for tackling global questions on the GRE involves systematically eliminating answer choices that violate established rules.
  • Start by selecting a rule and then identify answer choices that do not comply with this rule.
  • Rule 1: If a scenario includes W, it must also include N. This rule disqualifies any answer choice lacking this condition.
  • Rule 2: If an element is present in Center 2, it must also be present in Center 1, leading to the elimination of choices that contravene this rule.
  • Rule 3: This rule has two parts; the first part requires only one instance of plastic, and the second part prohibits the coexistence of P and G, guiding further elimination of options.
  • Through the process of elimination based on these rules, the correct answer can be identified.
Introduction to Global Questions
Applying Rule 1
Navigating Through Rules 2 and 3
Identifying the Correct Answer