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June 2007, Game 4, Question 19

The content provides a strategic approach to answering a specific type of GRE question, focusing on deducing the correct answer through logical reasoning and elimination.
  • Question 19 is identified as a global question, suggesting it should be approached after local questions.
  • The question requires a complete and accurate list identifying which centers can work with plastic, based on prior deductions and sketches.
  • Centers 1 and 3 are confirmed to be able to work with plastic, while Center 2 is excluded due to initial deductions.
  • Even without following the recommended question order, logical deductions based on the rules provided can lead to the correct answer.
  • The process of elimination and testing possibilities, even with minimal prior work, can effectively identify the correct answer as choice D.
Strategic Question Order
Deductive Reasoning for Answer Selection
Logical Elimination and Testing Possibilities