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June 2007, Game 4, Question 19


Question 19, you'll probably be doing last, because it is a global question. So we do those after if questions or after the local questions. It's also a complete and accurate list question, so they want a complete exhaustive list of every center that could do plastic. Since we've done so many sketches at this point, we already have the answer to this question.

We've seen center 1 and center 3 both do plastic. And if we remember, our initial deduction was that center 2 can't do plastic. Sso the complete list is going to have to be center 1 and center 3 and it won't include center 2. So the list that says one in three that is answer choice D. So pick it and you are done with the question, and done with the game.

Now if you didn't do the questions in the order that we recommend, then this question still wouldn't be that hard. Remember, we deduced in the original set up that center to can't do plastic. Because if center 2 does plastic, center 1 would also have to do it, but rule 3 said that you only get 1 plastic. So we can immediately eliminate C and E, because they both list two.

And then the question would be is it center 1 only, center 3 only or both of them? Now, there's another question that starts with the phrase if center 1 does plastic. So we know that center 1 can definitely do plastic. So we know the answer would not be B which says center 3 only, because it doesn't list center 1.

So then the question would be, well, can center 3 do plastic? So if you were completely off guard for this question, if you had no previous work, you could still get the answer. All you would do would be testing the possibility that center 3 does plastic, and you'd say if center 3 does plastic, then it can't do glass which means that either center 1 or 2 need to do glass.

So just make it both of them, that's fine and then the easiest thing to do would be just to give centers 1 and 2 both newsprint and wood. Because that gets around that rule that says, if you have wood, you need newsprint and then give the 10 that we need to center 3. That works fine, that's enough to prove that center 3 can do plastic. And once you've proven that center 3 can do plastic, you know the answer isn't answer choice A, cuz it doesn't list 3 and there you go.

Either way you do it, the answer is gonna be D.

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