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PrepTest 79, Game 4, Question 23

The analysis of the last question of PT 79, Game number 4, reveals the logical deductions and rule applications necessary to determine the outcome when P is the only computer transmitting the virus to two others, leading to the identification of the correct answer.
  • P must transmit to R and S, as it is the only computer transmitting to two others.
  • Rule number 5 suggests that either T or U must transmit to P, leading to two initial possibilities.
  • Rule number 4 offers further bifurcation based on whether R or T transmits to Q, resulting in four potential scenarios.
  • Through elimination of possibilities, it is deduced that Q does not transmit to anyone else, making option C the correct answer.
  • Other options are systematically disproven based on the logical structure of transmissions between computers.
Initial Deduction and Rule Application
Exploring Rule Number 5
Analyzing Rule Number 4
Determining the Correct Answer