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PrepTest 79, Game 4, Question 21

The content provides a detailed walkthrough of solving a complex GRE question, focusing on identifying which computer cannot transmit a virus to two others based on given rules.
  • The question is a global one, requiring the identification of a computer that cannot transmit to two others, based on a set of rules.
  • Through systematic elimination and application of the rules, it's demonstrated how to assess each option (P, Q, R, and U) to see if they could be the source of transmission to two other computers.
  • P, Q, and U are shown to be capable of transmitting to two others, leaving R as the correct answer because it cannot fulfill this condition within the constraints.
  • The explanation employs a step-by-step approach to apply each rule and logically deduce the only computer that cannot transmit to two others, highlighting the importance of careful analysis and rule application in solving GRE questions.
Understanding the Question
Analyzing Options P and Q
Deductive Reasoning for R
Validating U's Capability