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PrepTest 79, Game 4, Question 18

The content provides a detailed strategy for solving a global question in a logic game, focusing on the process of elimination using given rules to find a possible route of a virus from the first computer to Q.
  • Introduction to a global question in a logic game, emphasizing the importance of using rules to eliminate incorrect answers.
  • Application of the third rule to eliminate an answer choice that incorrectly shows S passing to R.
  • Utilization of the fourth and fifth rules to further narrow down the possible answers by identifying which computers can pass the virus to Q and P.
  • Detailed analysis of the remaining answer choices, leading to the elimination of one that violates the rule regarding S's transmission capabilities.
  • Confirmation that answer choice D is correct through logical deduction and rule application, demonstrating a methodical approach to solving the question.
Understanding the Global Question
Applying Rules to Eliminate Answers
Analyzing Remaining Choices
Confirming the Correct Answer