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PrepTest 79, Game 4, Question 22

The essence of solving global questions on the GRE, specifically those related to determining a complete chain of events, hinges on identifying the answer choice that eliminates all ambiguity in the sequence of actions.
  • Global questions require a solution that fully determines the outcome without leaving room for multiple interpretations.
  • The process involves systematically evaluating each answer choice to see if it leads to a singular, unambiguous chain of events.
  • Answer choices that still present multiple possibilities for how rules apply are incorrect.
  • The correct answer forces the application of rules in such a way that only one outcome is possible, as demonstrated with answer choice C in the provided example.
  • Incorrect answers leave open the possibility of multiple chains, failing to determine the sequence completely.
Understanding Global Questions
Evaluating Answer Choices
Identifying the Correct Answer
Analyzing Incorrect Answers