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Flaw Questions and Logical Flaws IV

This lesson concludes our exploration of the 11 standard logical flaws, focusing on the last three: appeal to authority, personal attack, and the part to whole or whole to part fallacy, essential for mastering logical reasoning on the GRE.
  • Appeal to authority highlights the flaw of relying on an expert's belief without independent verification, especially when the claim is outside the expert's expertise.
  • Personal attack criticizes the source of a claim rather than the claim itself, a common but flawed tactic in evaluating arguments.
  • Part to whole and whole to part fallacies illustrate the error in assuming what's true for a part is true for the whole, or vice versa, often leading to incorrect conclusions.
  • Understanding these flaws is crucial for evaluating arguments effectively, not just in flaw questions but across various types of logical reasoning questions.
  • Mastering these logical flaws will significantly enhance one's ability to tackle logical reasoning sections on the GRE.
Appeal to Authority
Personal Attack
Part to Whole and Whole to Part Fallacies