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PrepTest 73, Passage 1, Question 6

The content provides an in-depth analysis of how to approach and answer a specific type of GRE question that asks for the function of a paragraph within a passage.
  • Identifies the type of question as one that seeks to understand the purpose of a paragraph in the context of the author's overall argument.
  • Emphasizes the importance of reading passages effectively and taking useful notes for making accurate predictions about the answer.
  • Describes the process of eliminating incorrect answer choices based on a detailed understanding of the paragraph's content and its role in the passage.
  • Highlights the correct answer choice by explaining how it accurately reflects the paragraph's function of critiquing the strict constructionists' view and setting up the evidence presented in subsequent paragraphs.
  • Advises on careful reading of answer choices to avoid being misled by partially correct options.
Understanding the Question
Analyzing the Paragraph's Role
Navigating Through Answer Choices
Identifying the Correct Answer