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PrepTest 73, Passage 1, Question 6

The content focuses on dissecting a GRE question that asks for the function of a specific paragraph within a passage, highlighting strategies for understanding authorial intent and the structure of arguments.
  • Identifies the type of GRE question as one that probes the purpose of a paragraph within the context of the passage.
  • Emphasizes the importance of reading passages strategically and taking effective notes to predict possible answers.
  • Analyzes the second paragraph's role in presenting and then refuting the strict constructionists' view on evolutionary theory.
  • Differentiates between the incorrect and correct answer choices by closely examining the content and intent of the paragraph in question.
  • Concludes with the identification of the correct answer choice that encapsulates the paragraph's function in challenging the strict constructionists' perspective.
Understanding Question Types
Strategic Reading and Note-Taking