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PrepTest 73, Passage 1, Question 1

The content focuses on strategies for tackling main point questions in the GRE, emphasizing the importance of understanding the author's overall agenda and how to accurately identify the correct answer choice that encapsulates the passage's main point.
  • Main point questions require an answer that summarizes the entire passage and aligns with the author's agenda.
  • The correct answer choice should cover all concepts mentioned in the passage without needing to detail each one explicitly.
  • Answer choice A is highlighted as the correct answer because it directly aligns with the author's intention to critique the strict constructionist view on natural selection.
  • Other answer choices are dismissed for either mixing concepts, presenting partial truths, or misrepresenting the passage's main point.
  • The strategy involves recognizing the author's main point through careful reading and analysis, then selecting the answer that best reflects that point.
Understanding Main Point Questions
Identifying the Correct Answer
Analyzing Incorrect Answers