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PrepTest 73, Passage 1, Setup

The passage provides a critical examination of the debate between Darwin's theory of evolution and the strict constructionists' perspective, focusing on the role of natural selection and adaptive mutations.
  • Darwin's view on evolution emphasizes that it is not solely driven by selection, contrasting with the strict constructionists who argue that evolution equates to selection.
  • The author critiques the strict constructionists' stance by highlighting the existence of non-adaptive mutations, which contradicts their theory that all changes must be adaptive for reproductive success.
  • Examples of non-adaptive alterations and the Cretaceous extinction are used to further challenge the strict constructionists' views, demonstrating scenarios where their theory does not hold.
  • The author employs a disjunctive proof to argue against the strict constructionists, suggesting their assumptions are flawed.
  • Ultimately, the passage sides with Darwin's broader view of evolution, critiquing the narrow interpretation of evolution as merely selection by the strict constructionists.
Introduction to the Evolution Debate
Critique of Strict Constructionists' View
Examples Against Strict Constructionists
Conclusion and Author's Stance