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June 2007, Passage 1, Question 5

The content focuses on dissecting a specific GRE question type that requires understanding what the author of a passage conjectures, emphasizing the need for direct evidence from the text to answer correctly.
  • The question type discussed involves identifying the author's conjectures within a passage, highlighting the importance of explicit textual evidence.
  • A detailed analysis of answer choices is provided, demonstrating how to distinguish between directly supported conjectures and unsupported assumptions.
  • The correct answer is identified through elimination of options that go beyond the text or introduce information not mentioned in the passage.
  • The example underscores the significance of focusing on what the passage explicitly states, rather than inferring or assuming additional context.
  • It is emphasized that understanding the passage's direct statements is crucial for answering questions about the author's conjectures accurately.
Understanding Author's Conjectures
Analyzing Answer Choices
Identifying the Correct Answer