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June 2007, Passage 1, Question 4


Question 4. So question 4 is an inference question. It's asking us what the author's attitude toward something is, that the author is never gonna have a sentence where they say my attitude is, but we can infer their attitude from the things that they've said. And we know that our author doesn't like this rift.

They think, fortunately, that it is breaking down. So we're gonna be looking for something along those lines, go into the answer choices. Answer choice A says, perplexity as to what could have led to the development of such a rift. That's not true because the author tells us at the end of the second paragraph what led to the rift, at least partially that is that the US culture doesn't like generalists.

So they're not perplexed. It's not an answer choice A. Answer choice B, astonishment that academics have overlooked the existence of the rift. Well, according to our author, academics haven't overlooked that rift, they generally supported by teaching the two things separately.

So answer choice C, ambivalence towards the effect the rift has had. Well actually, the author isn't ambivalent, the author thinks it's a good thing that the rift is breaking down, the rift is bad. The author is not ambivalent towards it. Go to answer choice D, pessimism regarding the possibility that the rift can be overcome.

This is also the opposite of our author. The author says fortunately, it is being broken down by people like read it have. They're not pessimistic that it'll never be broken down. So that means that E is our answer by default. To see why it says, disapproval of the attitudes and presuppositions underlying the rift.

Well yeah, because the author sides with Rita Dove and Rita Dove tells us that it makes little sense to persist and the restrictive approach to poetry and fiction. Because each genre shares in the nature of the other. So if you think that they don't share natures with each other, then you're wrong.

So the author does disapprove of those attitudes, answer choice E is our answer.

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