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June 2007, Game 1, Question 5

The analysis of a GRE question reveals strategies for approaching 'must be true' questions, utilizing process of elimination and previous work to deduce the correct answer.
  • Identifying incorrect answer choices through contradiction with previous sketches or logical deduction is a key strategy.
  • Answer choices that specify a fixed number of digits between numbers can often be eliminated based on prior examples or sketches.
  • The correct answer often emerges by default after eliminating other options, highlighting the importance of thorough elimination.
  • Understanding the spatial relationship between digits in a sequence is crucial for answering 'must be true' questions accurately.
  • The process of elimination is underscored as a valuable technique in solving complex logical reasoning questions.
Approaching 'Must Be True' Questions
Utilizing Previous Work for Elimination
Process of Elimination and Logical Deduction
Determining the Correct Answer