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June 2007, Game 1, Question 4


So question 4 is a partial solution question. And it's also an accept question. So a partial solution question asks you for an accurate matching of elements to their spots, but only for part of the game, not the whole game. So you're only solving two of the slots. The slots we're looking at here are the third and the fourth digits.

That's also an accept question. So a normal partial solution question, four answers will violate rules and one of them will will succeed. In an accept question that's flipped around, so four of them will be fine according to the rules and one of them won't succeed. We can use our previous work to do some quick elimination here because we've seen the third and fourth digits and in several previous questions.

Answer choice B could be eliminated from question one. We've seen 0 and 3 in the first sketch. If you look down at question three, you can see a 3 and a 0. A 3 and a 0 is answer choice D. So we can get rid of that. And answer choice, and the second sketch that we did for question three has a 1 and a 0, that would allow us to get rid of answer choice C.

So we only have two answer choices left. At this point, the easiest way to proceed would just be to test one of them. So if you test, throw down some new spaces, label the sketch so you know where it came from. So if we were to test answer choice A, put a 0 and a 1 in the third and fourth slots. If we do that then we know that the beginning would have to be 2 and 4 because we've used our 1.

That would leave 3 for the end. So just check it against the rule that says the fifth digit has to be more than the third. And it is, 3 is bigger than 0. So as choice A work which means answer choice E. But for curiosity's sake if you wanna know why, it's because if you use the 3 and the 4 in the third and fourth digits, then there's no number bigger than the third digit left for the fifth digit.

If the third digit is a 3, you need a 4 for the fifth digit, but this, the scenario and answer choice is using it up before you get to the fifth digit. So continue on to the final question, question five.

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