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June 2007, Passage 2, Setup

The content delves into the analysis of two scientific passages on the origins of music, highlighting their perspectives, evidence, and conclusions on whether music and language evolved independently or together.
  • Passage A posits that music and language arose together, with music being an evolutionary 'bonus' alongside language, supported by brain imaging evidence.
  • Passage B argues that music evolved independently as a means of strengthening the bond between mothers and children, citing lullabies and ritual sequential behavior as evidence.
  • Both passages originate from papers presented at a scientific conference, emphasizing recent research on music but offering divergent explanations for its evolution.
  • The analysis encourages understanding the main points of each passage and the relationship between them, crucial for answering comparative questions on the GRE.
Introduction to Comparative Passages
Analysis of Passage A
Analysis of Passage B
Synthesis and Comparative Analysis