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Fixed Grouping Setup

This lesson provides a comprehensive guide on setting up fixed grouping logic games, focusing on a specific example from the June 2007 prep test. It outlines a structured approach to understanding and organizing the game's rules and making inferences to solve the puzzles effectively.
  • The lesson begins by identifying the game type as a fixed grouping game, based on the distribution of materials among recycling centers.
  • A master diagram is drawn to visually organize the game's elements, including recycling centers and materials, highlighting the importance of visual aids in solving logic games.
  • Rules are diagrammed and interpreted, with emphasis on creating if-then statements and understanding the triggers and consequences within the game's context.
  • Inferences are made by applying formal logic, such as contrapositives, to the rules, aiding in the deduction of further information not explicitly stated in the rules.
  • The lesson concludes with a review of the setup process and emphasizes the importance of de-stressing techniques during exam preparation.
Identifying the Game Type
Drawing the Master Diagram
Diagramming the Rules
Making Inferences