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General Game Strategy

The lesson outlines a comprehensive strategy for tackling logic games on the GRE, emphasizing the importance of goal-setting, understanding game setup, and effectively approaching questions.
  • Understand your goals for each game, including how many questions you need to answer and whether you can afford to skip the game.
  • Follow a four-step process for game setup: Identify the game type and draw a master diagram, diagram the rules, make inferences, and draw limited options.
  • Approach questions with a four-step method: Identify the question type, choose the appropriate diagrams, answer the question, and watch your pacing to manage time effectively.
  • The importance of distinguishing between global and local questions, as well as list questions and could/must be true/false questions, to select the right diagrams and strategies.
  • Emphasizes the strategy of moving on to the next game if the current one exceeds the time limit to avoid jeopardizing the overall score.
Understanding Your Goals
Game Setup Strategy
Approaching the Questions