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If/Then Statements and Contrapositives

Understanding the basics of formal logic, particularly if-then statements and their contrapositives, is crucial for mastering logic games on the LSAT.
  • Formal logic plays a significant role in the logical reasoning sections and logic games of the LSAT.
  • The core of formal logic in this context is grasping the if-then statement and how to form its contrapositive.
  • If-then statements are based on a sufficient condition leading to a necessary result.
  • Contrapositives are formed by negating and flipping the terms of the if-then statement, maintaining logical truth.
  • Common mistakes in forming contrapositives include flipping terms without negation or negating without flipping.
  • Practical exercises in identifying and converting if-then statements to contrapositives are essential for application.
Introduction to Formal Logic
Understanding If-Then Statements
Forming Contrapositives
Common Mistakes and Practice

Though Logic Games will no longer exist on the new LSAT starting in August 2024, the ideas and strategies discussed in this lesson still apply to the Logical Reasoning section.