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LSAT Prep Free Prep for Fee Waiver and Financial Aid from Magoosh

As part of our mission to make high-quality, effective LSAT prep accessible to all students, we are pleased to offer the following financial aid options for students:

  • free LSAT prep for students who qualify for LSAC's Fee Waiver Program!
  • generous financial aid for LSAT prep for other students in need!

Free LSAT Prep for Students Who Qualify for LSAC's Fee Waiver Program

We currently offer a free 12 months of LSAT prep to any student who qualifies for LSAC's Fee Waiver Program! All you have to do is send help@magoosh.com a copy of your fee waiver approval letter (with your LSAC ID clearly visible) showing that your LSAC fee waiver application has been approved and is currently valid.

Financial Aid for Students Who Cannot Afford Magoosh LSAT

If you do not qualify for LSAC's Fee Waiver program and cannot afford Magoosh, please reach out to help@magoosh.com to learn about our financial aid options.

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