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Intro to Logical Reasoning (Aug 2024)

The Logical Reasoning section is a critical component of the LSAT, designed to assess critical reading and thinking skills rather than specific knowledge, making up 66% of the total score.
  • Logical Reasoning tests skills in critical reading and thinking, not specific knowledge, with some benefit from understanding formal logic.
  • This section constitutes two scored parts of the LSAT, each with 25-26 questions, representing the most significant portion of the exam.
  • There's a wide variety of question types within Logical Reasoning, though many share similarities allowing for a unified approach to tackling them.
  • Skills measured in Logical Reasoning overlap significantly with those assessed in Reading Comprehension, focusing on argument breakdown and deduction.
  • The section includes 35 minutes per part, with a total of 50-52 questions across the exam, and features a difficulty curve that increases towards the end of each section.
Introduction to Logical Reasoning
Scoring and Structure
Question Types and Strategies
Overlap with Reading Comprehension
Section Timing and Difficulty

This video has been updated for the new LSAT starting in August 2024, which has 2 scored Logical Reasoning sections.

However, for the current LSAT, that exam has only 1 scored Logical Reasoning section.  Hence, in that case, LR makes up ~33% of your overall LSAT score.